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Biodiversity experts have urged that the HDFC Bank Unite Goa Trail Run should not be held on 18 August 2019, as it is right in the middle of the breeding season for certain birds and snakes that are indigenous to the Socorro Plateau, and which lay their eggs on the ground.

Consequently, we have decided to postpone the HDFC Bank Unite Goa Trail Run. We are very sorry for the inconvenience we are causing to you. It breaks our heart too, but we feel the cause of the Earth takes priority.

The new dates will be announced in due course.

We will initiate a full refund to each and every participant.



What time does the HDFC Bank Goa Trail Run 2019 begin?
The first race of the HDFC Bank Goa Trail Run 2019 begins at 07:00 hrs on Sunday, 18 August 2019, at the Cricket Ground, Socorro Plateau, Porvorim. All runners must arrive by 06:30 hrs, sign the waiver form and wear their running bibs by 06:45 hrs, in order to run.

Can I register on the day of the event?
Spot entries are not allowed.

How do I reach the venue?
You will get a map and directions in the detailed pre-event instructions, which will be sent to you a week before the event. If you cannot understand them, send a WhatsApp saying “Need Route Map” to 8975841178 / 8888250019 on or after Fri 15 August 2019, and we will send you a Google Pin link that you can use with the Google Maps App on your mobile to get directions to the venue as you drive / bike / cycle.

Can children participate in the HDFC Bank Goa Trail Run?
If anyone under the age of 18 wishes to participate in the HDFC Bank Goa Trail Run, (s)he must have a written waiver form duly signed by one of his/her parents/guardians.

Is there a Registration Fee for the HDFC Bank Goa Trail Run?
7.5K Fun Run Open and Veteran: Rs900
(includes Decathlon T-Shirt)
7.5K Fun Run Student: Rs600 (includes Decathlon T-Shirt)
10K Run Open and Veteran: Rs1,200 (includes Decathlon T-Shirt)
10K Run Student: Rs800 (includes Decathlon T-Shirt)
21K Run Open and Veteran: Rs1,500 (includes Decathlon T-Shirt)
21K Run Student: Rs1,000 (includes Decathlon T-Shirt)
*Rs100 discount on entry fee for those who register at an HDFC Bank

Can I carry anything with me while running?
YES. But be aware that it will slow you down.  

What if I need water?
In the HDFC Bank Goa Trail Run 2019, water stations are provided at regular intervals along the 10km route.

Will there be rain?
The HDFC Bank Goa Trail Run is held during the latter half of the monsoon season, during the month of Shravan (or Saavan, as it is known in North India), when the rain pattern is usually sunshine, followed by showers, and once more followed by sunshine. Still, it is best to take along a lightweight waterproof jacket if you have a problem getting wet.

Can I run in slippers or barefoot?
We recommend that all participants wear running shoes / gym shoes / tennis shoes / five finger shoes / running sandals. It is risky to run in regular sandals, slippers, Crocs or barefoot, as the route is over difficult terrain and you could get injured.

Where will the prizes be given?
Please note that though 'Student' is a separate registration category, all students compete in the Open Category and there are no separate prizes for students.
The prize distribution ceremony will be held at 11:00 hrs, or immediately after the results have been tabulated. Winners get medals and prizes. In case there is a technical snag in the timing systems or a dispute that cannot be resolved at the spot, the organisers reserve the right to delay declaration of results of the HDFC Bank Goa Trail Run 2019 by up to 48 hours.

Do I need a number to run?
You will get a running bib (a sheet of non-tear paper with a number on it).